Hello there! I am Yunus and I am the creator of this website. I am an software student at ROC Mondriaan, The Netherlands. Currently in the second year. In my free time(when I am not working on a school project), I am learning/discovering new technologies. This ranges from new software technologies, space(looking at you Elon), soldering an extension wire for my desklight, and many more! I love what I do. And hopefully I will never stop doing it ;).

Why should you hire me?

When you hire me you get someone who is great at working alone or in teams, strifes perfection and 100% client satisfaction. Also fun in the workplace and after work.

Below you will find Languages, Human Languages, Certificates, Certifications and Projects.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch.


HTML5 - Pretty good at it.
BOOTSTRAP - You are looking at it.
CSS3 - I know the basics.
JS - Back in Black?
PHP - Beginning of the end.
JAVA - Not a fan of Oracle.
SQL - Good thing to know.
LINUX - I need time.
AWS - Again, you are looking at it.
MacOS - Real fanboy here.

If it is not here, I will probaly learn it. Curently on my todo list: AJAX, SWIFT, PYTHON, RUBY and NoSQL.

Human Languages



Oracle SQL


Anglia Advanced


Too busy, will put them up sooner or later...